Conferences are informative, structured, prestigious events for companies and organisations – whether sharing research or promoting a product. However, they can also can be a frenzy. We recognise that you want to capture everything, but being organisers, we also realise that you are dealing with enough, without worrying about filming the event.

Rest-assured, AOTV has had great success and has enjoyed filming many conferences for clients. Conferences have taken us around the UK and Europe, including London, Berlin and Bologna, and we don’t want to stop there.


AOTV can

  • provide multi camera capture

  • offer picture in picture (which includes speaker and presentation in the shot)

  • capture all of the important slides in high definition

  • produce learning materials for delegates

  • produce highlight videos to reflect on the event

  • live mix cameras in the room to the screens (so that a large audience can see close ups of the speaker)

  • Offer lives on past event, meaning that videos can be used to advertise for future events or inform an online audiences for years to come

  • provide audio-visual feeds to breakout and overspill rooms, so that no one misses a thing